A look at change through self-portrait with cigarette


Where neuroscience and surrealism collide

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Gonna catch ’em all. The psychology behind the cards

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Why don’t we study our LGBTQ+ literature? Why is some sex-ed still problematic?

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Or better, I listened to them~ Namjoon reading recommendations. Now, here’s what I think…

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It can teach you how to steal too! Don’t miss these get-rich opportunities!

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Welcome Dovahkiin, to your Elder Scroll money lesson!

Ways to make money on Skyrim

I understand, we got to start the lesson from the basics. Thus, prompting the questions, how to make money? What are my career options?

Re-issue and update of the January 2021 list.

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1. Blindness by Saramago

The power of storytelling

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Chinese fashion powerhouse and history’s artistic expression

Elysium, 2018.Photo credit: ©Guo Pei, Rose Studios. “Guo Pei: Couture Beyond” is organized by the Bowers Museum in collaboration with Guo Pei’s Rose Studios, SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film and SCAD: The University for Creative Careers.

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Wealthier American states are the fittest, but it is also an inequity issue.

Obesity rates are linked to economic status, according to sociologists.

Squeeze the Avocado

Student of Applied Psychology at the University of Melbourne. Here writing about psych, business/marketing, and art. A mind to distracted to focus on one niche.

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