And its relation to the arts in Europe.

Photo of author, shot by author’s partner. Taken at the Hellenic Museum, Melbourne. And yep, these are funeral amphoras.

The year 2012 was running, and the world had not disappeared under tsunamis, Ragnarok, and doomsdays. Somewhere in the south of Italy — Lecce — a girl is being surprised by her psychology course. What does cultural psychology even mean? She would have asked. And, now, years later, she would have found out that it might mean a couple of things.

There appears to be more than one approach when talking about cultural psychology. However, the broad aspect of the discipline is shared across the approaches. Generally, cultural psychology aims at understanding the influence of one’s culture on their daily…

Next time, on your first date, use these…

Photo by Author

Apparently, behavioural sciences seem to suggest that sharing increasingly intimate information with someone tends to lead to love, friendship, or simply a “You’re a cool one!”.

Psychologist have created an “experimental” model design to make people “fall in love”. As I was saying, the idea is that this can be achieved by sharing increasingly intimate info. Aron and others have suggested 36 questions divided in three intimacy-levels blocks. I decided to give my version of the 36, just like that, to avoid plagiarism.

Part 1

1. If you could do it with anyone in the world (no, not “do it” do it)…

A sharp mind is the elixir of youth. 6 Steps for keeping fresh like roses.

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

Disclaimer: This posts is not intended as medical advice. It includes information from my own research, as well as my own opinions. Always do your own research, or talk to an health professional before making any decision about your health and well-being.

Maybe I am still young, and what is chronological age anyway? But, my mom always tell me that prevention is better than cure. And she would know, she is almost double my age but much fitter and healthier than I have ever been. So, taking this into consideration, what can we do to keep feeling young?

1 Stay Connected

Humans =…

A special class of people, or stocks?

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

For a time I believed that Dividend Aristocrats where lords and ladies dressed in 1800’s outfits, who became super rich from dividend investing that now spend all their time galloping on horses across Yorkshire, sipping tea and smoking cigars.

Turns out I was kind of wrong, and Dividend Aristocrats are actually a “special class” of dividends.

Some key terms:

Dividends: distribution of profits by companies to shareholders (you and me buying shares). In other words, companies which pay dividends, pay part of their profits to shareholders as dividends. This happens typically when companies earn profits or surpluses.

Dividend Aristocrats are: companies inside the

It takes a village…

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Connection weaved & waves. Souls

rising like waves to raise demigods of their time

all for one, as one is of all. A family is a word,

let the village be it’s synonym.

Hand in hand, me and my sisters, will raise their sons.


I have other times talked briefly about Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders’ culture. This is not only an aim to pay my respects to the traditional owners of the land on which I write. I also believe that, traditionally, there is so much to learn from these cultures.

It has been shown in fact, that…

A real-life inspired publication

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Born from the minds of an Avocado and her secsi friend (and great poet/writer) Mattia Zaminga, Weaving Subjectivities aims at giving writers a space where to express themselves across a multitude of subjects.

As it is in its first days, we still are trying to flexibly define the bounderism of the topics on niches that could form a pleasantly organic platform.

Inspired by the titles of the episodes of “The L Word” which all started with the letter L(I know), I have decided to divide broader subjects as:

  • Literature: books, authors, reviews, etc.
  • Lifestyle: anything related to everyday life, culture…

Research shows: you can be happy, but you shouldn’t want it too much.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

You might have heard it before: people who earn more, are happier. But, do happier people earn more? Some studies seem to suggest not. Others suggest they do.

However, something that is becoming apparent seems to be that seeking happiness (while devaluing unhappiness or negative feelings) may be counterproductive both for mental health and earnings.

The pursuit of happiness is a sad game.

The short version is:

we want to be happy all the time, we cannot be happy all the time. This creates a discrepancy between the way we want to feel, and the way we actually feel. In turn, this dissonance makes us feel like crap.

And music, movies, and more inspired by it

Photo by Robin Benzrihem on Unsplash

Because: Noi siamo figli delle stelle, figli della notte che ci gira intorno.

Figli delle Stelle, by Alan Sorrenti. 1977

We are children of the stars, children of the night that revolves around us.

I cannot deny it. There is something special about Italian music from the 70s, and 80s. Be it electronic, dance, or rock. The music will tell you something about the boot-shaped land, and its people. And ye, ok, they are not always good things. But for today, let’s say they are.

Rock, song-writing (cantautorato), and disco/dance have not…

Discerning niches on Medium

Photo by Joseph Frank on Unsplash

I might be wrong, but I might be right. What about?

I think that for some writers, having a multi-niche or no-niche profile works very well, for others instead, it might just make things a bit confusing.

I think that writing both my short essays/stories and poetry on the same profile might have confused things a bit.

For me: because I can’t keep an order on my profile page: I have been trying to keep my personal-development/finance stuff pinned (they tend to earn more), but if readers come through mobile they will most likely mostly see poetry (as I write…

And what Apps/Brokers I’ll be using.


The following is my personal plan, accompanied with my personal experience. It is not intended as professional investment advise (I am far from being a profesh). Always do your research before investing.

Well, adulting: happens. And so taking up responsibilities regarding finances, safety in old age, and just realising you cannot spend all your income on eating fancy ramen.

So here I am, 29 in one month, and with just a couple thousand dollars invested in the last two years (I am not complaining, but yea, definitely they should teach better finance to kids. I knew nothing). …

Squeeze the Avocado

Italian from Taranto, Australian from Melbourne, a “born again gamer (?)”. Writing about social psychology, businesses, and most likely, quite a bit of poetry!

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