And not only because of my lack of humour. I feel like, given the name I “stole”, some things must be said. Let’s squeeze some infos.

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As all good Melbournians, me loves to spend way too much on smashed avocados on toast. Maybe with some feta. Maybe on sourdough. Yum. But, ouch.

Let Social Psychology be Cupid.

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“A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” — Sundar Pichai

Diversity and Business

Let’s start from the start. What do we mean by diversity?

Heterogeneity in race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, sex, gender and other attributes

It would seem easy: the world is diverse, “modern” cities are diverse, therefore businesses will be diverse!


I mean, usually not. Let’s look at some examples from home (that would be Australia):


Women hold 14.6% of chair positions and 28.1% of directorships , and represent 18.3% of CEOs and 32.5% …

Through Raiz Australia (in America, Acorn). The amount changed from time to time and depending on “rewards”.

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What is Raiz

First a brief explanation of the platform I have been using:

Raiz Invest in Australia and other nations of the Pacific, is practically the American robo-advisor investing app: Acorns. For who doesn’t know anything about neither version:

Raiz is a micro-investing product that offers an easy way to regularly invest small or large amounts of money using the App on your mobile phone or the Website. The Fund is a registered managed investment scheme. If you apply to participate in Raiz, you apply to receive an interest in the Fund known as a Raiz Investment Account.

Practically, Raiz gives you…

Took a bunch of photos with 3 different angles per subject. Samsung is better than iPhone. Ops, what? Oh, ye.

3 angles, 2 “angles”. Photo by author

Jokes aside (but it’s true). I tried to experiment with taking the same picture with 2 or 3 different angles, to investigate how the angles can produce different “feelings”.

I wanted to put it without filters. It was too good (the art piece) like this. Death uh? Pretty shitty thing. Photo by author

With no filters, death
Follows our gaze
No no, no escape
On a nightfall
In a dream
All around the galaxy. Call it
Panic, no way to sweat this
Out of our system
No tarantella, no pizzica
No turning to superheroes

So tell me know
Infamous laughing skull
What should I do
With your grammar rules
And reaching for highs
And talking “italiano forbito”.
Given also
The fact
That this mix of planktons and neurons
Might have been dyslexic, even back in the booth.

Europe, Oceania, all because of you I’m sorry I talk about you Oh, I’m so lonesome…

Poem of a depressed Loser

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Losing my grip
Small wristed, after all

But I know now
We are at least two, or three
Losers, losing everything
Losing sympathy
Sense of reality, maybe.

A kiss floating beneath the ocean
Numbers adding up in the songs of sirens
You tempt me, mate
But I am more. Because I am lost

You cry guts on strings and conductivity
I merely fit my hand around an ukulele
A high note
From start to finish
So short in this world

People towering us across Elizabeth
And Bourke street

Who am I But the true Face of this lost…

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I need

that pain back.

The wrenching, the sweats

I need to breathe harder and slow, when the unknown

appears like a quiet light, warm and feeble

casted on an ancient wall.

I need

to forget the voices around the house

turn the key

and listen to

their lovers’ discourse

all made by rising chests and eyes

centimetres apart

Two corners meeting.

Centimetres, millimetres

I was a misunderstood voyeur

I never understood myself

understanding the change of tone in music

understanding the meaning of different waves

and changing seasons. But not,

the love I needed.

I needed beauty

I need…

Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

Ok, I had closed my eyes
But you were looking away
Your arm, smaller then mine, wrapped around me.

Why am I merely an insect capable of flight
When you are an angel? Divine luck maker
Adorned in gold, red and light

We hover in brass and water
We’re over the rest of the world
The peaks of mountains, my family’s soul .

We both look happy, but you’re glancing
At your virtues
I feel you through the electricity and skin

We’ll fall soon
When the purple air will stop to provide for us
When you’ll see your prosperity fade

Here’s what happened…Actually…

All by author. Apart from borders. Border from Meitu

Nothing else happened. But I gotta tell you a few things. I copied the picture from a sculpture I saw on Pinterest.


I am not going to write the poem here as well. This, has 2 reasons.

Reason 1

It’ late, but also, the poem is slightly long

Reason 2

There will come a time when I will not know what to write, and, I’ll be desperate to earn 18 cents.

That time, that day, I might copy the poem.

P.S. Reason no. 3 is most times I take too long to understand my own handwriting.

Squeeze the Avocado is an: Italian from Taranto, Australian from Melbourne, a “born-again gamer (?)”. Writing about social psychology, businesses, and most likely, quite a bit of poetry!

Squeeze the Avocado

Italian from Taranto, Australian from Melbourne, a “born again gamer (?)”. Writing about social psychology, businesses, and most likely, quite a bit of poetry!

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