Why I like Prolific much more than Mturk

1 Academic

Contrary to many survey based sites/side-hustles, prolific does not ask your information and opinion for marketing or anything similar. Prolific instead focuses on linking people like us to academics, students and universities. Therefore your data will contribute to things such as social sciences, health sciences and so on. Plus…..they are much much more interesting than your average Mturk task….picture this: getting paid 10 cents for 5 minutes of finding emails in a text (Mturk) VS getting paid 2 dollars for the same time but answering questions about your opinions on things that might matter to you

2 Better Pay

No question. Prolific amounts to almost minimum wage (if not more than some countries minimum wage), while Mturk is almost sweat-shop pay. The average Mturker earns around 3 dollars per hour work (dollar more dollar less). Prolific pays around 7 British pounds for hour “worked”…That is around 9 US dollars and 12 Aus dollars.

3 Possibility to Contact Researcher for discussion/dispute or to gain knowledge about the topic

Two examples:

  • One time one of my responses was rejected, I was able to explain the technical issue I had to the researcher, and was reimbursed for time.
  • One time I got so into the study about Uncanny Valley that I contacted the researcher to know more about, and the team sent me an email with the studies that formed their theoretical background.

4 Easy Cash-out

You have PayPal…get paid on PayPal every 5 pounds with just one click. You don’t? Make PayPal….get paid on PayPal.


You don’t need to obsessively refresh the page…if that day there are studies, they will appear as notification on the table/page… just keep it open on the side while you do your things!

Note that there are studies very often, but I have experienced days with no studies…it’s normal, but worth it. Thanks to BeerMoney on reddit for the discovery!

Italian from Taranto, Australian from Melbourne, a “born again gamer (?)”. Writing about social psychology, businesses, and most likely, quite a bit of poetry!

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