I Visited The Triennial at the NGV in Melbourne / What I’ve Seen

ere’s the thing. My partner, the mostbeautifulnessesness that is yesnodunno is actually an Art Curator Laureate, and might be able to tell you more about the ins and outs (I didn’t even save the names of the art pieces). But I’ll share my thoughts, experience, and some photos.

photo by the Avocado that is me

Initial Thoughts

I liked it. But not as much as the triennial of 2018. It just seems like they tried to give people an immersive experience, without necessarily having ALL immersive art pieces (they are beautiful, it’s just, idk).

I loved the themes. I might be wrong, but if felt like the walkthrough was dominated by important themes such as ethnicity, womanhood, motherhood, religion, spirituality. And it was done very well, through exhibiting pieces from artists around the world, some strong political speeches through images, creativity and a well thought out “use” of the female image. But, can I say, just as it appeared to me… there could have been much more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island art? At the end, Indigenous art is “our” (as Australians) artistic and cultural heritage that MUST be projected also to the future, and portrayed (more strongly) at present.

But, maybe I missed some areas? I only saw one room… a freakin’ beautiful blue room, full of their identity. I just would have liked more.

pic by me, also a sign for me…of how my Italian and Australian culture can show similarities (it reminds me of the myth of Taras, the founder of my city)
pic by me

Overall I have to say : It did not disappoint me, and, I want to go back several times. There is one thing that the NGV always does best… brings me to an observational flow state. Where I am happy just to be alive, surrounded by humanity in its purest form. Its artistic expression. The fact itself, that “I” can become part of the art really undermines my sentence about the non-immersiveness. It’s just something else.

So, from a artistically inclined person’s perspective and (note: same person) an art ignorant person’s perspective, I thought about sharing some pictures and sort of talking about what I felt. And at the end, why, if you are in Melbourne or in Victoria, or just can, you should come visit the Triennial.

photo from me. I love how the dancer in the photos so tactfully reminded me of the traditional dance of my people (likely not same heritage as the dancer) called Pizzica or Tarantella

Photo Gallery of the Gallery

Note: You might notice how (non)professionally I am able to talk about art.

image by Moi

In this circular wooden tube you — and whoever is with you — can have a walk. It is a bit surreal, like a rite of passage. At the exit, one painting. Straight, of a straight brush in coloured chiaroscuro. Juxtaposition?

Made me sit there and think.

Just wow. Photo taken by me

This veiled bust was one piece from my favourite room. Another era on another era. Who was he? Or her, they… Forgotten, like everyone will be, by time (reminds me of that episode of the Hunting of Bly Manor too).

I can relate to the sentiment. And maybe, because it is a sentiment I am attributing to the sculpture. Who was I?

Caped in greatness, veiled by the true nature of life. Who was…?

image by Io, myself, I

Maybe thousands years apart, or centuries apart.

Yet, so near, compressed by the passing of time, and the fading nature of nuances in the human mind and memory. Put together to juxtapose and bring closeness to their materials,


or life in time and history? Women, and a left foot moving them forwards, towards the future… all the way to us.

I took this pic
picture taken by me
Photo taken by me

It’s pious Pius, the god loves Pius
Socrates asks, “Whose bias do y’all seek?”
Or for Plato, the screech
I’m out chere ballin’, I know you hear my sneaks
Jesus was a carpenter, Yeezy, he lay beats
Hova flow the Holy Ghost, get the hell up out your seats

Human beings in a mob
What’s a mob to a king?
What’s a king to a god?
What’s a god to a non-believer?
Who don’t believe in anything?

I understand I might bore people if I put 500 photos, so I’ll try to select some.

This one is clear (not really, but for me).

Humans, subdued by religion…

religion still losing the battle to death, life, and whatever existence means.

taken by @yesnodunno
me taken by a contrary-to-this @yesnodunno
image by me

Before you can see 2 pictures of me not taking art as seriously as I should,

or, one of that and one of me not knowing how masks must be used (next I’ll try Lana Del Rey’s mashed one)

AND a picture of an atomic bomb spitting in the air everything American.

My small brain cannot comprehend completely. But very beautiful, I must have stayed there minutes, it made me feel uneasy.

photo by me
photo by me

The space, a message from the NGV about colours. Thought I’d share.

Final Thoughts after all the Messy Thoughts

While I am here writing this, it’s very hot, and I have one of those hoody/blankets regardless of the fact that it’s technically summer.

Ehy, no, I am not trying to find excuses for my bad writing. Only for my messier than usual organisation around my thoughts.

BUT, take one thing from this: Art is effing beautiful. Really. And the Triennial was no less…please visit!!

Also on a final note. I think that during the Covid-19 closure the NGV has undergone thorough renovations. And let me tell you, it’s beautiful. The spaces are made to make you walk through like a journey, and everything tides up together so well. So, if you have been before and liked it, go back, it’s even better! If you haven’t, just go if you can! If you have been and it did not impress you, try again, tryst me!


P.S. If I find out the names of the pieces, I’ll update the description (Hope to be going back soon)

Italian from Taranto, Australian from Melbourne, a “born again gamer (?)”. Writing about social psychology, businesses, and most likely, quite a bit of poetry!

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