Don’t Quit your Job to Follow Your Passion. Start a Side-Hustle First.

They say to just quit your job and follow you passion. But is it really the best option? And, if we decide to do it, what are the risks involved?

Just today I was on my armchair, absorbing my usual 2 hours of YouTube, when I encountered a video by Struthless named Before you “quit your job and follow your passion” watch this. You should check it too by the way.

Anyway, he argues that despite he himself quitting his job to pursue his passions, it is not for everyone. I agree. But it also got me thinking about it, so I would like to add to the conversation.

What Does Self-Help usually tell us?

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Quit your job and follow your passions!! Right? Well, yes. But also it is a tactic. It may be a good advice for a certain number of people (and I think a small number), but mostly it is just what all of us want to hear. At the end, why were we on that self-help blog or reading that self-help book about making money? Because, maybe we are unhappy with our jobs. Or maybe we are wondering if we could just travel the world, take pictures, post them and become famous and rich. The authors and marketers behind many get-rich type of books and courses know this, and they use it. That is how they continue selling what they are selling.

Promising something that might be obtainable only by some, but are desired by everyone.

Not Everyone Can Just Quit

I bet we all think about it!

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As the bald man with tattoos (he calls himself that in the video, or another video!) stated

Not everyone can afford to quit

And I think of my mum. She loves that she works, but she doesn’t love her work. Unfortunately she is now single, has still a teenage daughter, another daughter and her family living with her, and not too much savings. How could I tell my mother

“Hey ma! Just quit and do something you like more!”

She wouldn’t even give me the honour of an answer. Or she would ask me to pay her rent (Mum, if my writing career takes off, I’ll do it, I promise!).

So, I thought. Maybe some people (also not everyone) could downsize. For example, if you can, and you know where your passions lie…and, these passions are not the same as you 9 to 5 job, maybe you could think about asking for less hours? Or search for a part-time job that would allow you to follow your passion on the side.

START a Side Hustle Around your Passion

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Once you have time, or if you need, once you can make some time, start a side hustle! Nothing stops you from following your passion while you are still working.

Some examples from the top of my head:

  • You like photography? Go on trips during the weekend and take pictures. Upload them everywhere. Find were you can sell them. Find your thing.
  • But I am a writer! Well….write! Open up a blog, or a profile right here! Write poems and join writing competitions.
  • If you really need to, join TikTok! Let me know if you make a big buck as an influencer from this post’s motivational aura!

You get my drift. Start something. Take it seriously, even if on the side. If it takes over, great :

Quit your job and follow your passion!

Not everyone’s life is the same. Some people can afford to leave jobs to search for better ones, or to search for themselves. Other’s need to put a meal on the table, or take care of someone. Nevertheless, we should all afford to follow our dreams. Fortunately, we live in a time where it is possible for many of us. So yea, get out there, follow your dreams… even if you can’t quit your job!

Italian from Taranto, Australian from Melbourne, a “born again gamer (?)”. Writing about social psychology, businesses, and most likely, quite a bit of poetry!

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