Can I turn 50 dollars in 10000? Mission Side Hustle

Ok here is the thing… I am obsessed with money-making YouTube videos. All the “How I made 10000000000000000000000 in one month” to the “This is how much YouTube paid me” all the way to “40000000000 flipping furniture, side hustle!”.

Could it be that I shall try to? Now, I am not much to show myself, and despite being no Murakami, I like to write. So, here I am…thinking : maybe I can do a blog version of “my fitness journey” but as “My money journey” or…”my side hustle journey” “road to 1 million dollars” (I wish).

If you read my super amazingly written (very much not so) posts before, you’d know that I am already trying a few things in hopes of passive income…or just some income. And yes, the plan is also to find a job for now. Just so I don’t have to leave with 10 dollars a month. But between Covid-19 and the fact that I just finished my undergrads this week, that might take a while. So here we are.

The title of this post might be clickbaty, but I actually don’t know yet. Let me explain. I have in fact up to now not spent a dime. All of the side hustles that I have started were actually free. For example POD (print on demand) is really much free to start on many platforms… (Redbubble, Teepublic, Society6 and so on..). Same for surveys (I actually only use Prolific as it is all academic research, but my partner uses Amazon Mturk as well, might write about it next).

So how will I get to my multi billion dollar side hustle net worth? This is the plan:

  • Print on Demand services: I am only with Redbubble, and plan to expand to at least another 3 sites (I already have 600 designs made anyway)
  • Surveys: not the most time/pay worthwhile, but for now might help bring up the net worth of the “journey”, for now using
  • Writing and eBook ; don’t know how it will all work yet…but hey, must try
  • Furniture flipping: might try, might not…let me know what you think! I wanted to try something not online-based so..
  • YouTube : yes, I did say what I said…in fact the plan is to help uploading videos for my cousin Giuseppe ( insta: the_lone_wanderer92) who is an Italian boy working and travelling all through China (no YouTube there, so he needs my help). If he can get monetised, I might get a cut for being the uploader etc etc etc
  • IDK ….if anyone reads this….let me know what you think I should try

And yes…once one way my income goes up (job or side hustles) I will increase my investments, and try to more specifically invest in dividend paying stocks and all that.

Side Hustle Net worth as of 9/11/2020 : 27dollars (Redbubble + Prolific).

(is it a side hustle to save 200 dollars a month by not going to the gym anymore? Thanks yogawithadriene!)

Italian from Taranto, Australian from Melbourne, a “born again gamer (?)”. Writing about social psychology, businesses, and most likely, quite a bit of poetry!

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