Are Watches good investments for your money?

You might be interested in investing, but do not feel like investing in “intangible” assets like shares, or do not want to over-commit like for example buying houses or other type of property. Plus,

you might be interested in owning something arguably beautiful

and are wondering… Are watches a good investment? I wonder the same, so let’s explore this topic together, and go straight to the chase.

The last years would say, yes. Luxury watches in particular have seen they’re prices sky rocket, with some vintage pieces selling for multiple and multiple times their original price. Notable story, the Rolex Daytona that belonged to Paul Newman sold for a whoooping 17.8 million dollars….like…wh…a…t?? Yes. But… not every watch is created the same, and some models or brands just hold value better than others.

Here, another few models/brands that tend to “do well”:

  • Omega / Omega Speedmaster

A Speedmaster is a steady and “safe” investment. The Speedmaster Professional, known as “Moonwatch”, as in fact, been on the moon.

  • Audemars Piguet / Royal Oak

Aesthetically one of my favourite things to look at ever. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (Jeeeeeez so secccsi) has seen a peak in value during the last years. And I mean…. look at it please:

  • Patek Philippe

Elegant. Classic. Sporty. Too cool for school. Patek Philippe is an amazing house, and their watches are a good example of evergreen pieces that will never be unloved, and therefore will always have a buyer.

And Others….

But. As you can discover, not every watch is necessarily an investment, if you are looking for returns on your money. Additionally, the same watches that are now blowing up in demand and price, might not be the same one that new collectors will want in the future. Or… their hype “time” might just be over.

My personal take is this. Are watches a good financial investment? They could be. If you are good at the game. But, there are better place to put your money, and…the watch world is so much more than that. The real investment is in the “time” (I think of the word time as a pun all the….time…in this story) you spend with the watch, regardless of its style, cost, or future cost. Even more, the legacy. How many stories do we hear about a grandpa passing a watch to his grandson or granddaughter, and doing so igniting the passion for something that is truly beautiful…We might not need need traditional watches anymore…but there is so much history, so much beauty, and so many different ways to express yourself through the watches we wear (or some collect).

Maybe, if you clicked on this little inspection into the world of watches, you would like to know more about them. I love watching YouTube videos about watch collectors or aficionados, here some:

Ps…My favourite watch in my collection costs actually around 30 Australian Dollars. To each their own.

Italian from Taranto, Australian from Melbourne, a “born again gamer (?)”. Writing about social psychology, businesses, and most likely, quite a bit of poetry!

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