Through Raiz Australia (in America, Acorn). The amount changed from time to time and depending on “rewards”.

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What is Raiz

A packaging design case study: INSTEA Melbourne

photo by author

What is INSTEA?

Exploring the possibility of the arts as vehicles of forgiveness.

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What is Forgiveness?

Fringe cultures, progress, Vogue and McCracken

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Maybe there are steps to be taken first…

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The Self-Help industry makes millions telling you to follow your dreams

When technology can improve your life.

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Can I turn 500 dollars in 10000? Improved, not necessarily wealthier.

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To myself

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  • 2 books in paper form.
  • 1 book on the Kindle.
  • 1 book in audio form.

2 Paper books: Fiction

In marketing. Brands and ads that exemplify each level.

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I’m a Gemini super fly, fly guy

From Colours Session. YT.

Here, her first verse:
I am Gemini, super fly, fly guy
I am Gemini, two heads, one eye
I am Gemini, like Pac, André, Lauryn
And Kanye, Boy George, and Anne…

Squeeze the Avocado

Italian from Taranto, Australian from Melbourne. Writing about social psychology, businesses, marketing, art and…ok, I write about a lot of different s**t.

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