To invest in index funds, single stocks, and a bit of micro-investing — With Screenshot of my portfolios

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When I first started being interested in investing I was excited but confused. It appeared at first as if there was no way to figuring out how to start investing. Do I call a financial adviser? Do I need to go to the bank?

Yet, once I did some Google and YouTube searching, I found that it can be much, much easier. Still, there are many options, so how does one choose? I’ll soon go through the whats and whys of my choices, but before that, might be a good idea to insert a disclaimer:

Note: This is not financial…

Of Counter Arts of course, that is why… ok, bad pun.

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When me and the other editors of Counter Arts (you’ll see their newsletters soon) were deciding what to include to expand our publication to broader art forms, we were sure where to look for.

The world of Design, Technologies, and Gaming is the world where most of our artistry as humans is now both expressed and digested.

From the material world of packaging and cars, to the digitalised field of UX, gaming, and graphics. So here we are. …

Exploring one of Scandinavia’s best ideas

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If you have ever fallen into the rabbit hole of self-help and financial freedom writers, gurus, and “entrepreneurs”, you would have encountered the book written by Ferris, called “the 4 hour workweek”. Interesting concepts, less interesting book if you ask me.

However, the idea is, that after some easy steps, you can semi-retire and live on a beach in Thailand (apparently, to save on rent and taxes too).

But, what about something more reachable? Something that, let’s say, could be implemented at national and societal levels?

The 4 Day Work Week

Could it be unrealistic? Or could it be, not only possible, but the human…

Next time, on your first date, use these…

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Apparently, behavioural sciences seem to suggest that sharing increasingly intimate information with someone tends to lead to love, friendship, or simply a “You’re a cool one!”.

Psychologist have created an “experimental” model design to make people “fall in love”. As I was saying, the idea is that this can be achieved by sharing increasingly intimate info. Aron and others have suggested 36 questions divided in three intimacy-levels blocks. I decided to give my version of the 36, just like that, to avoid plagiarism.

Part 1

1. If you could do it with anyone in the world (no, not “do it” do it)…

Who to watch on YouTube for Money and Finance related info? Exploring a new discovery, Sydney Finlee.

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There are days when I feel particularly thankful for YouTube’s algorithm. Often, for example, it allows me to find out “growing” YouTube channels. Add to that the growing interest that the world has seen happening towards topics around personal finance, and you got a good mix. So when the mighty algorithm suggested that I should watch a video from Sydney Finlee, I just did.

Sydney Finlee

Clear Information About “Basic” Personal Finance Issues

Watching several of her videos, I came to the conclusion that she must be one of the clearest YouTubers I have heard talking about evergreen topics such has emergency savings or index funds. …

A theoretical view, and the case of HP

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What do we mean by diversity?

Diversity is intended here as the heterogeneity of an environment. Meaning, places like businesses made up of people from different genders, cultures, age, abilities, sexual orientation and more.

As we’ll see, this diversity is both “the right thing to do”, and crucial for businesses’ progress and innovation making. Unfortunately, statistics (in references) show that businesses in the west are far from being diverse. Additionally, when diversity appears to be more present, this is usually at entry-level positions. In other words, the more we check up the ladder, the more we’ll find a bunch of white men.

Benefits of a diverse business.

Many of us just…

A List of Polynesian and Pacific Islander athletes competing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games

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Having had the pleasure of uniting my Italian-Australian family with other cultures (namely Singaporean and Samoan), I would love it if I would be able to give more visibility to Polynesian athletes, as Polynesia is often forgotten when thinking of world regions.

Note, for the original source of the list please visit:

The Coconet TV:


  • Alex Rose | Athletics Men’s discus throw
  • Marion Faustino Ah Tong |Boxing Men’s welterweight
  • Ato Plodzicki-Faoagali | Boxing Men’s heavyweight
  • Rudolph Berking-Williams | Canoeing Men’s C-1 1000 m, K-1 200 m & K-21000 m
  • Clifton Tuva’a | Men’s K-1 200 m, K-1 1000 m…

Wrong financial messages, and listening to the right ones.

Photo by author. Not an expensive office for the day after all.

If you have been a personal-finance enthusiast during the last couple of years, you would have read books, or watched finance YouTubers, comparing buying coffee (and especially Starbucks) do a deadly sin.

I kind of see why people who are more on the defensive would be scared of buying coffees. At the end of the day, $3 dollars on coffees every couple of days may a month to around 500 dollars spent at the end of the year! Well, if you put it like that… what about buying toilet paper (when you can have a bidet), what about eating snacks…

Why art, technology, and music make me feel like more than an animal. And, of course, another prompt!

Photo by author. Art from the NGV Triennial 2021

Art, Design, Photography, Gaming, Music, Words.

Now, prompt obsession aside, I stopped wondering today — starting at the ceiling and a bit sleep deprived — about what art means for humans. I mean, what it really means.

Indeed, I am a woman of art, and also a woman of science. Therefore, I must admit that what I am discussing is mostly my inner ramblings.

How BJJ is the new Art of War for entrepreneurs |Of martial arts and becoming CEOs.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

I started writing this story six months ago. Well, just the title. Then two days ago I stumbled across the title in my draft and it clicked again.

Is there any sport particularly good for entrepreneurs? Of course, I think BJJ (Brazilian jiujitsu) is the right answer. I might be a bit biased as I have done fighting sports for years, but I am not after all. Why? Well, let’s explore.

Squeeze the Avocado

Italian from Taranto, Australian from Melbourne. Writing about social psychology, businesses, marketing, art and…ok, I write about a lot of different s**t.

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