Too tired to read, not enough time? P.S. they also make perfect Christmas Presents.

Photo by Paola Chaaya on Unsplash

You have planned to start reading. Perhaps, you planned to restart reading. Maybe you’d like to read more but don’t have the time. Or maybe your head isn’t up to it.
Reading may also seem intimidating, not to mention the decision paralysis that might result from the notion that there may…

Peculiar love advice, cult-like fiction writing, music and thirst.

background photo by author. Haruki Murakami’s photo sources here.

No Niches Needed

When I first joined Medium, with the intention of writing about personal finances (well, that dream has gone…with my actual finances) I started researching tips and tricks for the successful blogger.

The most common tip could be interpreted as “find your lane”, in other words, choose a niche and stick…


On aquarium plants as paint on canvas.

Tim the betta’s aquarium with new pink plants. Happy siamese fighting(-ish) fish

New Betta tank update.

First, what is aquascaping?

aqua·​scape | \ ˈä-kwə-ˌskāp , ˈa- \

plural aquascapes

So, aquascaping is the “art” of arranging elements such as hardscapes (rocks and wood) and plants in an aquarium. The aim is to create the appearance of a natural aquatic environment.

Sure, I have green gravel and…

A Divine, or Godless world, the one we live in.

Artist: Caspar David Friedrich. Year: 1808–10Medium. Oil-on-canvasDimensions 110 cm × 171.5 cm (43 in × 67.5 in )Location: Alte National galerie, Berlin, Germany

Not unlike in several other paintings of the period, in Monk by the Sea, the figure, the monk, does not take space in the painting. Sure, upon second look, the monk does not go unnoticed.

There is something about the figure, slender, lost…yet present. Slightly bent. Bent like a cane.

What are your hopes personally and for the world?

One of the portrait from the collection of portraits, Portraits of an Actor by Toyohara Kunichika (1835–1900)

Same same, or same different. Who cares?
Now, pass me the char kwey teow, I’ll make pasta tomorrow. Promised.

For so long, I convinced myself that I needed to start seeing the world with colour-blind lenses. No white, black, or Asians. No islanders, natives, or Latinx. We’re all the same.

Squeeze the Avocado

Student of Applied Psychology at the University of Melbourne. Here writing about psych, business/marketing, and art. A mind too distracted…

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