3 Ways Grit by Angela Duckworth has improved my Finances (and life really)

Grit The power of passion and perseverance. Photo taken by @bookdepository

If you feel like you need some knowledge to boost your discipline, perseverance and goal-getter attitude, look no further than Grit, by Angela Duckworth.

As a Psychology laureate myself, I tend to like to read “self-help” that is based on some form of science. Angela is an outstanding researcher of psychology (and a former teacher!), who through a very easy-to-read book showed me the way to never give up. Before getting into the 3 ways it helped me persevere in my side-hustles and make money doing what I love, let me say one thing. The main thing to take away from the book is this : you can be a genius and not achieve anything, if you work smart and never give up…your chances are sooo much better.

As she narrates, her father used to tell her growing up

“You are no genius”.

And she reckons he was right, despite literally winning a Genius Award (MacArthur Fellowship award). She, and the many people she describes in the book had one thing in common that helped them reach their ultimate goals: they never gave up. So, coming to my point, I am not giving up anymore. I started investing, and I started some side projects. I persevere. I never stop putting money in my investment account every month. I didn’t stop uploading designs for my T-shirt business. I will not stop writing. And, to be honest, things are starting to pick up, even if I did not see results for months. And so yes, this is the first thing I have learned, that helped me make and save more money.

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Never give up, of course. But, we also cannot succeed in everything and anything (not all of us at least). That is why it’s important that we focus only on a few things we are really passionate about, and give it our all. We can break these bigger goals in smaller tasks, even many small tasks to help us see results while we “get there”. But the values, the directions we are taking, cannot be too many, or we will just get lost.

That is why I decided to focus only on 1 T-shirt selling website, only 1 writing website. And to continue investing with the account I trust, and be consistent.

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I want my younger sisters to take charge of their finances. Especially my 13 year old sister. And my nephews. That is why, they probably need an example, someone that show’s them by action how it should be.

If I do well, they will know how “well” can be done. This is most important to me.

This need to lead by example keeps me motivated, and keeps me on track. I want to be that sister, that auntie that they will say “she really worked for it, and got there”. I don’t want to be the one that “always gives up and doesn’t finish anything she starts”. Therefore, from this moment on, I will never give up, I will never leave things half baked, I will conclude any project…even if sometimes the risk is failure. What is failure anyway?

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Before leaving, here are some words from the source:

“Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.”
Angela Duckworth, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

“…there are no shortcuts to excellence. Developing real expertise, figuring out really hard problems, it all takes time―longer than most people imagine….you’ve got to apply those skills and produce goods or services that are valuable to people….Grit is about working on something you care about so much that you’re willing to stay loyal to it…it’s doing what you love, but not just falling in love―staying in love.”
Angela Duckworth, Grit: Passion, Perseverance, and the Science of Success

Italian from Taranto, Australian from Melbourne, a “born again gamer (?)”. Writing about social psychology, businesses, and most likely, quite a bit of poetry!

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