25 Years of Pokémon, 28 Years of Me. Our Journey Together.

Photo by Jie on Unsplash

I can still smell through memory, the hot south Italian summer air, mid afternoon and sweet sun burned leaves. Me and two Giuseppes are playing with our Game Boy (why boy by the way?). Or with our cousin Marco. Pokémon red, Pokémon blue, Pokémon yellow…and my Pokémon crystal.

Tank tops, burned shoulders. Small teen faces and bodies. Flat chest, all of us.

Now Giuseppe has muscly pecs, and puberty grew some for me too. On Sunday mornings, all well dressed and cheap-perfumed, we would go to our local “cartoleria” and buy some cards. I will never forget that time my cousin Marco forced me to visit an old auntie of his, because he knew she would leave him 2 euros, maybe 2.50. He then forced me to buy Pokémon cards, and before going home, we grabbed some mix nuts from a street vendor (from an actual ape truck) for after the Sunday lunch. Meatballs, dark sauce, steak and sour salty salad. Pokémon games in the afternoon.

Did not play much by our mid teens, but that time both me and Giuseppe had a high fever, we met at his house. We covered ourselves with duvets and got our Pokémon cards out. We wanted to play… but ended up only making two cards face each other and say


It’s been 25 years of us (or a couple less) my dear Pokémon world… so much has changed, it’s true. One thing I can say for sure… this is the good type of nostalgia I am now feeling and…
Gotta chatc’em all!!! Viva i Pokémon!

Italian from Taranto, Australian from Melbourne, a “born again gamer (?)”. Writing about social psychology, businesses, and most likely, quite a bit of poetry!

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